Case Study: End-to-End E-Commerce Solution for Dufa, India.

A complete e-commerce eco-system with independent seller marketplace through Web Application, Android Application and iOS application.


Understanding Seller/buyer behaviour
Design easy navigation
Product Roadmap


Interactive Seller’s shop page
Enjoyable buying experience




Dufa is India’s creative marketplace .Their requirement was to empower local artists by providing them a platform to continue doing what they are good at and making their talent earn for them by simplifying the process of selling online. Simple and Easy Platform for their customers, who want something unique but have no access to the talented sellers.


An engaging and fun loving platform

Techsigma provided Dufa a powerful platform united by a community of independent local artists, crafters and designers. It's a place where their customers can buy the most extraordinary, inspiring and personalized products directly from local sellers. We built an engaging bridge between creative sellers and customers. Dufa as a platform, brings in a creative touch by providing the right technology, a classy, sophisticated and secure platform, a perfect logistics partner and out of the box consulting & marketing tools to help buyers and sellers.


Easy Usability with creative mix.

Engaging Local Sellers with buyers through interactive modules. And design immersive buyer experience.


Seamless visual experience

Trouble-free upload of products for local sellers with simple buying path for buyers.


Simple and Straightforward

Unique Seller’s page designed to replicate an independent shop. Straightforward buying and selling experience.


Technology of 21st century

Advanced technology applied at all levels of development. Platform can accommodate new innovations or changes at future stage.

Seller and Admin Dashboard – Unified Inventory, Order, Shipping and Tracking management system

Seller Dashboard provided through Web App and also mobile apps. Seller’s platform designed on a minimalistic approach to get all data in an overview page. Sellers can navigate to the required section for in-depth analysis. Seller can easily upload their product and publish it to sell.
Admin dashboard has a complete control of operation. Overview of Inventory, Order, Shipping and Tracking management system provided at single touch. Dashboard can generate in-depth graphical analysis of seller and buyer behavior with trending products, bounce rate and abandoned cart features. Multiple customized auto trigger e-mail notification implemented to trigger mails at all levels of transaction for buyer as well as sellers.

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